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Wood infestation treatment

Any kind of timbers within a house including floor boards, joists, roof timbers and even furniture can be effected by wood boring beetle. The most common being the Common Furniture Beetle, to name a few others they include the woodboring weavil, the powder post beetle and the deathwatch beetle.

Woodworm can be present for several years before being noticed.  Fine powdery dust around small round holes in the timber is a tell tale sign of possible wood infestation to timbers.

Dry Rot treatment

Dry Rot is the most efficient timber destroying fungi known and can quickly take a firm hold. It attacks damp timber and can travel quickly from the original first germination through brickwork and even along metal joists in search of fresh timber to attack.

Early growth gives a fluffy white covering and when established it covers the timber in a grey matted web of strands it then produces a pancake like growth or fruiting body. These fruiting bodies are capable of emitting several million spores to attack other timbers.

Wet Rot treatment

This is caused by timbers decaying naturally in the presence of high levels of moisture, the effected timbers become soft and spongy.  The best way to deal with wet rot is to remove the effected timbers and have them replaced with new.

Take immediate action if you think you have any of the above issues, we can successfully treat and eradicate any timber problems you have.

“Just a note to express our appreciation for the excellent work done recently in our house. As you know, around 20 of the joists underneath the lounge floor had to be replaced. This meant not only lifting and replacing the floorboards over half the area of the lounge, but also the removal of a large York Stone fireplace! While it lasted, this was a noisy and dusty operation, as you can imagine. The great thing was though, it didn’t last very long! After less than 3 days, everything was finished and the place was looking tidy and habitable once again. Thanks Shield Damp Proofing Ltd!”

- Ken Garrett

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